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26 Oct 2023

The Special Investigation Service was granted membership in the Internal Criminal Investigation Network (ICIN)

During the General Assembly of the Internal Criminal Investigation Network (ICIN) held in London, the Special Investigation Service (SIS) was elected as a member of the organization.


This year's annual meeting was hosted by the Metropolitan Police of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and took place at New Scotland Yard in London.


The primary objective of ICIN's activities is to facilitate the exchange of best practices and operational information among member organizations. This collaboration aims to enhance the detection, prevention and effective investigation of crimes involving law enforcement officers, thereby strengthening the organization's capabilities and promoting international cooperation.


The Internal Criminal Investigation Network (ICIN) comprises 26 countries, including organizations such as the Belgian Standing Police Monitoring Committee, the Danish Independent Police Complaints Authority, the Swedish Special Investigation Department (SU), the Lithuanian Immunity Board, the Netherlands Independent Investigation Authority, the United Kingdom's Metropolitan Police Service Professional Standards Department and other entities with independent investigative and supervisory functions in other EU member states.


During the General Assembly held in London, representatives from candidate countries seeking membership in the international network had the opportunity to address the Assembly. In his speech, Koka Katsitadze, the Head of the Special Investigation Service (SIS), emphasized the significance of Georgia's newly established independent investigative service joining the network. He discussed the service's development dynamics and prospects, expressing readiness for close cooperation with member states.


Following the vote, the General Assembly fully supported the official membership of the Special Investigation Service of Georgia (SIS), the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine, as well as the supervisory services of Germany and Finland within the international network.


It is worth noting that the Special Investigation Service (SIS) promptly met all the criteria for membership in the international network shortly after its establishment.


The ICIN network was founded in March 2020 and the members' first meeting was held in May 2021. Since 2023, Mr. Martin Valfridsson has assumed the role of Chairman of the Network, while also serving as the Head of the Swedish Special Investigation Department (SU).