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20 Sep 2023

The Special Investigation Service presented a 6-year Development Strategy

Upon the initiative of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) and with the support of the Council of Europe (CoE), the presentation and discussion of the Service's organizational strategic development plan was held for representatives of the Public Defender's Office, non-governmental organizations and the academia.


The objective of the strategy document is to strengthen the institution, establish an independent and efficient investigative policy, enhance public trust through improved effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the Service’s work, prevent crime, foster cooperation, provide additional safeguards for victims' rights, expand the Service's geographical accessibility and invest in infrastructure.


The goals of the strategic development plan are in full compliance with the 12-point recommendations established by the European Commission for gaining candidate country status within the European Union, which ensures the independence of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) and strengthens its institutional framework.


As part of the strategy's implementation, two-year action plans will be developed. These plans will outline specific measures, indicators, responsible departments, deadlines and funding sources necessary to achieve the Service's strategic priorities, goals and objectives.


The document was elaborated within the framework of the Council of Europe (CoE) project “Human Rights Compliant Policing in Georgia (HRCPG)." It should be mentioned that the document underwent professional expertise both at the national and international levels.


Following a public discussion and the submission of opinions by human rights organizations, the strategy will be approved by the Head of the Service and will be available to the public.