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15 Mar 2022

Statement of the Special Investigation Service

“TV Pirveli” disseminated fake news about the alleged presence of conflict of interest  the Deputy Head of the Service, Natia Songhulashvili, in the case  investigation of  ill- treatment of Mikheil Saakashvili.


It should be noted that in a criminal case there might exist circumstances excluding the participation, not a conflict of interest, among the participants of a proceeding.


The Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia clarifies that performing their duties does not prevent the prosecutor and the investigator from further participation at any stage of a case.


The head of the Special Investigation Service has a first deputy and a deputy. Based on the internal distribution of functions among the deputy heads of the Service, Natia Songhulashvili holds the position of the head of the administrative and support departments. As the Investigative Department does not fall under the subordination of Natia Songhulashvili, she cannot be in a contact with the case under the investigation of the Service.


Therefore, the information and comments on the conflict of interest of Natia Songhulashvili disseminated by the “TV Pirveli”, are false.