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09 Mar 2023

Statement of the Special Investigation Service

Statement of the Special Investigation Service


During the past day and night, Special Investigation Service received 22 reports from citizens, journalists, non-governmental organizations and the Office of the Public Defender on the facts of a possible excess of official power and injury of citizens by law enforcement officers at the protest demonstration held in the area surrounding the Parliament of Georgia and Rustaveli Avenue.


The Special Investigation Service investigates the facts of possibly exceeding official powers using violence by some law enforcement officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs against protest demonstration participants on March 7-8 under Article 333, Part 3, Paragraph "B" of the Criminal Code of Georgia.


The service provides a legal response to each incomingreport and studies individual cases of a possible exceeding official power during the arrest of protest participants shown in Video footage (material) broadcasted by media.  The appropriate investigative and procedural actions are being conducted and planned within the framework of the current investigation.


The Special Investigation Service conducts all necessary measures to ensure an objective investigation.