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17 Nov 2023

Head of the Special Investigation Service, Koka Katsitadze met with representatives of the Venice Commission

 The head of the Special Investigation Service highlighted the mandate of the service, the steps taken to fulfill the recommendation of the European Commission, and the legislative changes implemented to strengthen the service.


At the meeting, the implemented functional independence initiatives of the service were discussed in detail, such as unhindered access to the penitentiary institutions of the service investigators; appointing special protection measures for the witness and the victim; the significantly improved social and legal guarantees of the service's employees.


In addition, the legislative changes to fulfill the 12 recommendations of the European Commission implemented by the Parliament at the initiative of the service were also emphasized.


According to the legislative changes, the mandate of the Special Investigation Service was increased and the investigation of the facts of violation of the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms or its additional protocol established by the European Court of Human Rights became the jurisdiction of the Special Investigation Service.


The Special Investigation Service also investigates the crimes of the destruction of possible evidence, illegal detention, abuse and official fraud/forgery committed by law enforcement officers.


Koka Katsitadze discussed and positively evaluated the service mandate updates and changes. Based on the implemented changes, the special investigation service investigates the violent crimes related to the elections only if it is committed by a law enforcement officer.


The amendments made to the regulations of the Parliament of Georgia were also noted, which allows the head of the service to request the appointment of a hearing in the relevant committee to increase the effectiveness of the service's activities, including the initiation of legislative changes.


The head of the Special Investigation Service provided detailed information to the questions of the Venice Commission delegation on an official visit to Georgia, thanked them for their visit and expressed readiness for future cooperation.


Levan Kutateladze, Head of the Investigation Quality Monitoring and Analytical Department of the Special Investigation Service, Sophio Chareli, Head of Administration, and members of the Venice Commission delegation - Ms. Mary O`Toole, Mr. Eirik Holmoyvik, Mr. Vahe Demirtshyan and Ms. Martina Silvestri -attended the meeting.