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20 Jul 2023

Compared to previous years, the openness and transparency of the Special Investigation Service in investigating cases of ill treatment increased

One of the primary objectives of the Special Investigation Service is to conduct open and transparent investigations and promptly inform the public.


Since its establishment, the Special Investigation Service provided the public with information about the investigation of ill-treatment cases on 33 occasions through official statements and briefings. This represents a 57% increase in openness compared to the period of 2020-2021.


To involve victims in the investigation process and provide them with comprehensive information, the Investigation Service allows them to access the criminal case materials and familiarize themselves with them.


From the first day of the investigation, victims or their invited lawyers have been allowed to familiarize themselves with the case materials enabling them to oversee the effectiveness of the investigation process. This transparent investigation model replaced the previous practice, in which victims only received verbal updates about the case's progress from investigators.


To further enhance the legal rights of victims, based on recommendations of the European Court, one year after its approval by the Head of the Service on July 27, 2022, 257 potential victims were offered access to the criminal case materials and 86 of them used this right and familiarized themselves with the materials.


The Special Investigation Service never restricted victims' access to criminal case materials in any situation.


The Special Investigation Service will actively continue the open and transparent investigation policy in the future.