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28 Dec 2022

The Special Investigation Service revealed seven persons for disclosure of secrets of personal life

The Special Investigation Service revealedseven persons for disclosure of secrets of personal life


As a result of investigative and procedural actions,in November and December of this year, the Special Investigation Service revealedseven persons for disclosure of secrets of private life.


According to the investigation, the defendants unlawfully obtained intimate photos and secretly filmed sexual videos based on which they disclosed the secret of the victim’s personal life.


In particular, defendant Z.K. born in May of 1977 through a social network was talking to a minor about the details of his sexual life and was sending videos of sexual acts and other intimate content. Also, asked her to take similar photos and videos. Z.K unlawfully disseminated intimate video recordings of a minor obtained and stored without permission. He sent it to a classmate of the minor victim, thereby unlawfully disclosing the secret of private life and sexual inviolability.


The conducted investigation established thatduring the period of March and September 2022, E.Sh. born in 1978,and N.M. born in 1986, illegally obtained and stored another person’s naked photos and shared them for blackmail. In particular, they sent to a member of the victim's family. The defendants disclosed the secret of the victim's private life.


The investigation established that inSeptember of this year, in Tbilisi,B.B. born in 1993unlawfully obtained and stored the intimate video of the victim.DefendantB.B. during the period of October 2022 by threatening to share the mentioned videos withthe public, systematically took money from the victim, thus disclosing the secret of her private life and causing material damage.


According to the investigation conducted by the Special Investigation Service, the otherthree persons were also exposed to crime.They unlawfully recorded videos of sexual acts and intimate content photos andillegally stored them in their mobile phones at different periods in Tbilisi and Samegrelo. Also, by threatening to share them withthe public they forced the victim to take and send new intimate content photos.


The Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia charged six detained persons under the first paragraph of Article 157¹ (Disclosure of secrets of personal life), and one detained person was charged under the first paragraph of Article 157¹ and Article 141.

The Special Investigation Service continues to investigate the above-mentioned cases.


The offence shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of four to seven years.