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03 Oct 2022

The Special Investigation Service has created a new brand-book and completed the branding process

In May 2022 the Special Investigation Service developed a new branding strategy. Starting today, the Service will commence the systematization of the branding process.

Effective implementation of the mentioned strategy is one of the priorities for the development of the Service.

During the branding process it was crucial to focus on the identity of the Service, representing the image of a new investigative service, closely engaged in communication with the public.

As part of the branding strategy, a new logo was created, the Service fleet of vehicles and the uniforms were branded (the vests, T-shirts, robes, hats and others).

It was critical for the logo to create a correct, strong, memorable image, easily comprehensible for the public, evoking trust towards the Service. 

The emblem of the Special Investigation Service depicts an open book placed on a lowered sword surrounded by an azure ribbon. The left side depicts a five-cross composition of the Georgian State Flag, while on top of the sword, there is a stylized Iverian crown.

The Special Investigation Service, since its establishment, has been actively carrying out various measures in order to raise public awareness. Starting today, this process will continue with memorable appearance and a new image.

The Special Investigation Service website ( will be updated in accordance with the new brand book in the near future.