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14 Jul 2023

The Special Investigation Service arrested a person for interfering with the journalists’ professional activities and violence in Sagarejo

Following operative and investigative actions conducted by the Special Investigation Service (SIS) and based on the obtained evidence, the citizen M. Sh.was arrested under a court ruling forunlawful interference with the journalists’ professional activities and violence.


The investigation established that on July 6, 2023, Sulkhan Chkadua, an operator of "Formula" TV, was performing his duty as a journalist in Sagarejo. While working on a report, the accused person M. Sh.physically assaulted the journalist intending to disrupt his professional activities. Additionally, journalists Natia Tsitelauri from "Rustavi 2" and Ia Guliashvili from "Mtavari Arkhi" were also prevented from conducting their activities and documenting the story due to the aggressive behavior of the accused person.


Employees of the Special Investigation Service arrested the person for committing a crime under Articles 154 and 126 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.