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01 Feb 2023

Statement of the Special Investigation Service

On January 31, 2023, the Special Investigation Service launched the investigation on the basis of a report received from the temporary detention center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, on the fact of possible violence against citizen M.N. committed under Article 333, Part 3, Paragraph "b" of the Criminal Code of Georgia.

Upon initiation of the investigation, an accused person M.N for threatening a family member was interrogated as a witness in a criminal case. He explained that after he was transferred to the 7th unit of the Batumi Police Department, the police officers verbally and physically abused him.

The Special Investigation Service conducts urgent investigative and procedural actions on the case. In particular, the medical examination of the arrested person was appointed in the Levan Samkharauli National Forensics Bureau.

The request was submitted to the court to provide the records of the surveillance video cameras located in the internal and external areas of the administrative building of the 7th unit of the Batumi Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Identification of surveillance video camera recordings at the place and receiving the important documents for the investigation from the temporary detention center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and the Emergency Situation Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center are underway.

Also, all police officers in contact with M.N. will be interrogated as witnesses.

The Special Investigation Service carries out all necessary investigative and procedural actions to ensure a rapid, effective and objective investigation.