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14 May 2023

Statement of the Special Investigation Service regarding the report of "TV Pirveli”

Statement of the Special Investigation Service regarding the report of "TV Pirveli”



We would like to inform the public regarding the report prepared by the "TV Pirveli" on the fact of the injury of citizen G.G. by Sh.M.a junior detectiveof the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.



On Thursday, Mariam Gaprindashvili, the journalist for "TV Pirveli" addressed the Special Investigation Service with 14 written questions and the Service gave her exhaustive written answers. However, the journalist did not report detailed information on the criminal case provided by the Service. This indicates that the purpose of the report was to discredit the Special Investigation Service and mislead the public.



We would like to clarify that the Special Investigation Service launched the investigation into the fact of the injury of citizen G.G. on March 31, 2023.



According to the investigation materials, on March 31, 2023, at night, the junior detective was on duty with his partner near Vazha-Pshavela N75A in Tbilisi, when the citizen G.G. walked on the street, near the police officers, demonstrating a firearm-like object, after that, police officers chased him. During the police chase, the junior detective fired two shots, as a result, G.G. got injured in the leg.



On the same day, the citizen received first aid and was discharged from the clinic.



The Special Investigation Service conducts all necessary investigative actions on the case.


The police officers who participated in the incident and the people who werenear the incident scene were interrogated as witnesses.



From the beginning of the investigation, citizen G.G.the potential victim, whogot injured in the leg and whose objective information is very important for the results of the investigation, refused to cooperate with the investigation as well as to be presented in the investigative body. After many attempts of SIS, G.G. was interrogated by the investigator, who explained that he has no complaints against the police officers, he was not injured as a result of the police officer's shot and he does not consider himself a victim.



The video recording of the incident was requested from the private office located at the accident scene, which in its current form and quality can not fully reflect the occurred events. Therefore, in order to clear the video recording and improve its visibility, a habioscopic examination was appointed.



Six examinations have been appointed to answer the questions regarding the research samples recovered and found at the accident scene. In particular, forensic-medical, ballistic, trasological, dactyloscopy, chemical, and biological examinations are appointed at LEPL Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau. The investigation has not yet received any examination results.



In order to provide comprehensive answers to all the questions, present an objective picture of the case and take appropriate legal decisions, it is important to receive the above-mentioned examination results, especially in conditions where the potential victim does not cooperate with the investigation and does not want to share the information about the case.



Despite the fact that the Special Investigation Service provided the journalist with detailed information about the ongoing investigation and explained that the investigative actions necessary to make a decision on the case and 6 current examinations have not been completed.  The mentioned television accused the Service in intentionally improper investigation of the criminal case and delay the decision. This once again indicates the journalist attempts to discredit the Investigation Service by talking about false versions of "covering up the crime"and spreading wrong information.



We would like to explain to the public that the Special Investigation Service conducts investigative and procedural actions rapidly in all criminal cases and ensures the measures provided by the law.