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10 May 2023

2022 Activity Report of the Special Investigation Service

2022 Activity Report of the Special Investigation Service


The Special Investigation Service In order to create additional guarantees for the protection of potential victims’ rights, and ensure their safety and involvement in the investigation, the Service developed a Special Protection Program and implemented it in practice.



A Special Protection Program ensures appointing a security guard for the victim, an alarm call, temporary change of residence, or use of other security measures for the victim.



In all criminal cases, where the potential victim has a sense of expected danger that his or her family member may be subjected to physical or psychological pressure, the Special Investigation Service offers to include them in a Special Protection Program.


For the effective investigation of possible ill-treatment cases committed by law enforcement officers, it is essential that the victim trusts the investigative body and does not have a fear that he/she will be in any kind of danger in case of cooperation with the investigative body and revealing the law enforcement officer. It is the state's obligation to protect the victim of ill-treatment and ensure his/her safety in the presence of a threat.



The guideline approved by the head of the Special Investigation Service is already actively used in practice. All potential victims are provided with information about the mentioned program and the possibility of implementing special protection measures in case of the relevant grounds.