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09 May 2023

2022 Activity Report of the Special Investigation Service

2022 Activity Report of the Special Investigation Service

According to the decision of the Special Investigation Service, all those citizens and potential victims, who may be victims of ill-treatment, were given the right to familiarize themselves with the materials of the criminal case. It is the best model of conducting a transparent investigation, which fully complies with the standards of the European Court of Human Rights of Strasbourg.

According to the document approved by the Special Investigation Service, which is the first document for the investigative body, the alleged victim has the right to personally familiarize himself/herself with investigative and procedural actions, expert reports, video, audio and other materials of the case. Also, to express opinions and request investigative actions. By using the mentioned right, the citizen directly observes the progress of the investigation and participates in this process. 

Since the implementation of this rule, up to 100 interested citizens and their lawyers have already used this opportunity.


The main priority of the Special Investigation Service is to improve the standards of transparent investigations and create additional guarantees for protecting rights of potential victims.


The Guideline Document for Familiarising Victims of Ill-Treatment with Criminal Case Materials and Providing them with Information was adopted under the Order of the Head of the Special Investigation Service and entered into force on July 27, 2022.