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18 May 2022

Statement of the Special Investigation Service

The Special Investigation Service launched an active investigation on the fact of incitement to suicide of citizen R.B. and exceeding official powers by the law enforcement officers in Marneuli, crime committed under the Criminal Code of Georgia, Article 115 and Article 333, Paragraph 3, subparagraph “b”.

In the process of the investigation, the scene of the crime was inspected; the important evidences, including the clothes and samples necessary for the investigation, were gathered. The brother of the deceased was also questioned. The Special Investigation Service applied to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to provide the video recordings demonstrating stay of R.B. at Marneuli District Police. Forensic, traceological and biological examinations have been immediately appointed.

The Special Investigation Service will carry out all procedural and investigative actions necessary to determine the circumstances of the case in the shortest possible time. Officers of the Marneuli District Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be also interrogated.

The Special Investigation Service will ensure the involvement of R.B.'s family members in the ongoing investigation and provide them with the full access to the case file.