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02 Oct 2023

Koka Katsitadze met Kathleen Stinckens, the Chairman of the Standing Police Monitoring Committee of the Kingdom of Belgium

The Head of the Special Investigation Service (SIS), Koka Katsitadze, held a meeting with the Chairman and members of the counterpart institution, the Standing Police Monitoring Committee (Committee P) of the Kingdom of Belgium during his official visit to Brussels. Deputy Heads Giorgi Kvaratskhelia, Natia Songhulashvili and other representatives of the SIS attended the meeting.


Committee P is an independent investigative body accountable to the Belgian Parliament. It conducts investigations into particularly significant criminal cases conducted by law enforcement officers throughout Belgium and monitors the effective functioning of the country's police.


During the meeting, Chairman Kathleen Stinckens provided insights into Committee P's activities to the Georgian delegation. In turn, Koka Katsitadze, the Head of the Special Investigation Service also presented information about the Service's activities to Belgian counterparts.


The meeting emphasized the necessity and significance of productive cooperation among independent investigative bodies within the Independent Police Complaints Authority Network (IPCAN). The Special Investigation Service (SIS) officially joined this international network in May 2023 and along with the Belgian Committee P signed the declaration on "the use of force by the police" on behalf of Georgia.


Both institutions discussed the challenges related to investigating official crime, contemporary trends, the investigation methodologies and agreed to pursue future cooperation.


The official visit of the representatives of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) to the Kingdom of Belgium was supported by the Council of Europe (CoE) project “Human Rights Compliant Policing in Georgia (HRCPG)”.