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11 Oct 2023

Investigators of the Special Investigation Service will be able to enter temporary detention facilities without permission

The investigators of the Special Investigation Service (SIS) will now have the authority to enter temporary detention facilities across Georgia without hindrance, the need for prior permission and meet with detained persons.


This agreement, which allows such access, was adopted by the Council for Prevention of Official Crimes, established on the initiative of the Special Investigation Service. Subsequently, it was put into effect within temporary detention isolators by the order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA).


This change is expected to make a significant contribution to the prompt and efficient response of the state to cases of ill-treatment. It will enable investigators to meet detained individuals without procedural hindrances, promptly document their injuries and gather information about potential crimes.


The implementation of the rule granting unhindered access to temporary detention facilities was preceded by an amendment to the "Code on Imprisonment" made by the Parliament of Georgia, based on the Special Investigation Service's initiative. This amendment allowed investigators from the SIS to enter penitentiaries without prior permission, meet with prisoners and address their complaints on time.


As is already aware to the public, a memorandum for the establishment of a Special Prevention Council of specific official crimes was signed on January 26, 2023. The signatories included the Special Investigation Service, the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the State Security Service. The first meeting of the council took place on June 21, 2023.


Within the framework of the Special Prevention Council of specific official crimes, in tight cooperation with state agencies, the Special Investigation Service continues to ensure proactive measures preventing ill-treatment cases and respond to them effectively.